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In Australia, dental services have a notorious reputation of being expensive. Anywhere you go, dental clinics offer dental procedures at different prices, but all figures can still break the bank. That is why more and more Australians are looking for alternative places to get their dental solutions, and one of their top picks is the services of dentists in Bali, Indonesia.


Dentists in Bali: Why them?

Known as one of the most beautiful vacation hotspots in the world, Bali, Indonesia gained another tourist attraction on its belt – their dental tourism. Advertisements and marketing programs used by dentists in Bali regard them as board-certified professional dentists holding internationally-accepted dental certifications. They offer affordable dental procedures, about half the price of what we normally see in Australia. Most Australian patients would find that hard to believe, so this strategy works really well for dental tourism.



Dentists in Bali: What can they offer?

Indonesian dentists like any other foreign dentists outside of Australia that offered dental tourism promise to give you three things – a vacation, a healthy smile, and dental procedures that fit the budget. Dentists in Bali advertise their practice in such a way that patients in Australia would find it hard to resist; affordable dental treatments that won’t hurt your bank partnered with an exotic and luxurious vacation in one of the best tourist destinations. Isn’t that such a great deal?


Dentists in Bali: Is it worth it?

There is nothing wrong with searching for dental procedures that are easy on the budget. It will seem like a bonus if you find these inexpensive procedures in a beautiful place as that of Indonesia, right? However, it is also not wrong to scrutinise and dig deep as to how they can afford to offer these dental procedures at a lower cost. Some may think that they are sacrificing the quality of their dental procedures to make ends meet. Here are some points on what to consider when thinking about dental tourism.


Here and abroad, complications during and after a dental treatment can happen. The difference is that, if your procedure is done in your homeland, it is easier for you to seek follow-up care with your dentist. If your procedure is done elsewhere, would it be convenient for you to travel to and from that country in order to have corrective measures?

Health standards

Different countries have different government-mandated and professional health standards affirmed by the law. Strict safety standards are being upheld in Australia to make sure that the welfare of the patient is prioritised. Does the country where you want your dental procedure to take place endorses the same level of safety standards?


Because your time is limited when you visit a country for a dental holiday, some procedures that usually need more time to complete becomes squished into a few number of days, sacrificing the quality of the treatment. For instance, a root canal therapy that typically needs two or more visits to let some recovery time for the teeth in between procedures suddenly needs to be completed in a matter of days abroad.  This practice, though they say that they performed the procedure safely and accurately, could raise complications in the overall health of the teeth in the future.



Are you planning on seeing dentists in Bali for your dental procedures? We hope that these reminders helped you decide if their services are more suitable to your needs than the safety and benefits of having your dental treatments here at home.

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